About KBS Capital Markets Group LLC
Information as of September 30, 2019 for all KBS entities and is not specific to a particular REIT.

KBS Capital Markets Group (“KBS-CMG”) was formed in early 2006 to distribute a broad range of real estate, real estate-related, and other investment product offerings exclusively through investment professionals. The company is led by Charles J. Schreiber, and has helped financial representatives and their clients tap into alternative investment opportunities historically available only to large institutions.

KBS-CMG raised capital in KBS REIT I ($1.7 billion), KBS REIT II ($1.8 billion), KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT ($561 million), KBS Legacy Partners Apartment REIT ($191 million), KBS REIT III ($1.7 billion), KBS Growth & Income REIT ($77 million), and KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT II ($265 million).

The original entity within the current KBS family of companies is KBS Realty Advisors, founded in 1992 by industry leaders Peter Bren and Charles J. Schreiber Jr.  Formed in 2004, KBS Capital Advisors is the exclusive advisor for KBS’ publicly registered non-traded REITs, designed to give individual investors the opportunity to invest in similar types of real estate as KBS pension funds and institutional partners.

KBS-affiliated entities have invested in and managed commercial real estate assets on behalf of clients that include large institutions, such as public and private pension plans, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds and seven public non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Large institutional investors have selected KBS because KBS’ senior staff is comprised of real estate professionals who average more than 30 years of hands-on real estate experience. As one of the nation’s largest buyers of commercial real estate, KBS has completed transactional activity of approximately $44.7 billion. Assets under management by KBS-affiliated companies exceed $6.0 billion as of December 31, 2022.

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