KBS Real Estate Investment Trust III – KBS
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We are conducting a proxy campaign with proposals relating conversion to a NAV REIT. Stockholders are encouraged to vote as this reduces the need for additional solicitations. For more information, visit proxy.kbs.com.

To vote online using your control number printed on your proxy card, please go to PROXYVOTE.com. If stockholders have any questions, or have misplaced their proxy materials, please call our proxy help line at (855) 643-7458.

The April 7 Annual Meeting has been postponed. CLICK HERE to read the postponement notice.

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View Recent Webcasts

KBS REIT III is a non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that closed its initial public offering on May 29, 2015, and terminated the offering on July 28, 2015. KBS REIT III has invested in and intends to invest in a diverse portfolio of real estate investments across the United States. KBS REIT III is focused on income, growth and capital preservation. The REIT has employed a more value-creating core strategy, focusing on investing in a portfolio of core office properties, though KBS REIT III may also invest in other types of properties.