Dear Financial Representatives and Stockholders,

COVID-19 continues to affect businesses and communities globally. On behalf of KBS, our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted. KBS continues to monitor the situation very closely and at this time, there have been no operational impacts to KBS from COVID-19 and we are operating at full capacity. We continue to work closely with our service providers and transfer agent DST/SS&C to monitor all channels of service to minimize any disruptions.

KBS, business continuity includes procedures and protocols in the event of a significant business disruption. In relation to COVID-19, KBS continues to take into serious consideration recommendations from the CDC and local health officials.

The KBS Asset Management team has implemented precautionary measures at all client portfolio properties to safeguard tenants and their employees and is closely monitoring property operations, financial markets, with additional sensitivity to cash management with the expectations that certain industries and smaller tenants may experience short term cash flow issues.

We will continue to monitor closely the impact on the U.S. market and KBS’ portfolios.

Best regards,

Mark Saukkola
Chief Executive Officer

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