Corporate Senior Accountant

Job Title: Corporate Senior Accountant
Department: REIT Accounting, Real Estate Operations
Reports To: Assistant Controller
Position Supervises: N/A
Position Summary: A Corporate Senior Accountant is able to handle all aspects of portfolio cash transactions for the REIT portfolio. Complete weekly check runs, perform wire transfers, and post journal entries for various cash transactions, Formulate and record monthly accrual estimates for general and administrative portfolio level expenses.  In addition, assist Assistant Controller and Accounting Manager with top level analysis and special projects, such as BNA tie out and other requests as required.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Update and ensure all cash transactions are entered or maintained in the REIT cash book on a daily basis.
  • Set-up and maintain wire templates in the CEO Wells Fargo Banking system.
  • Set-up and maintain waterfall journal entries templates.
  • On a daily basis, determine availability of cash to invest and coordinate with supervisor to send request to the bank. Record this cash transaction with a journal entry into the MRI system.
  • On a weekly basis or as needed prepare AP check runs, prepare invoice with proper coding, administrate the entry of AP invoices into MRI and issue AP checks.
  • On a monthly basis move property level excess cash distributions up to the top level REIT accounts and ensure that proper balances are maintained.
  • On a monthly basis, record bank interest income and bank fees with a journal entry to the various cost centers with a journal entry into the MRI system. Update the interest income schedule with this information.
  • Verify REIT cash book had been updated completely for the month and print out cash general ledgers to facilitate the bank reconciliation preparation.
  • On a monthly basis, formulate accrual estimates all REIT level general and administrative expenses, update accrual tie out schedule and record journal entries.

Experience / Training / Education:

Required Experience: 3 to 6 years of General Accounting background

Desirable: Knowledge of MRI accounting software, most specifically as it relates to A/P and CM functions; BA or BS in Accounting; Background in Commercial Real Estate.

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